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When Harold first meets Kayla, he’s in awe. She’s tall and strong, has glorious, full leaves and is always ready to help with a smile. But the more Harold thinks about how super Kayla is, the more he feels like he’s not good enough, no matter how much he wants to help others. Harold is not a super food.

As his worries continue to grow, it’ll be up to his friends to show Harold that not only is he enough, but that he’s a super helper in his own special ways.

Written by Lisa Wyzlic and whimsically illustrated by Rebecca Syracuse, Harold the Iceberg’s second adventure is about finding ways to lift up your community by first lifting up yourself and those closest to you.

Accompanied by Rebecca Syracuse’s bold, whimsical artwork, Lisa Wyzlic’s debut picture book Harold the Iceberg Melts Down is all about the importance of friendship and self-care, perfect for any young reader worried about their planet’s future.

Harold is an iceberg... lettuce. (But he doesn't realize the "lettuce" part because part of his sticker has ripped off.) So one day when he sees a documentary about how the icebergs are melting, Harold starts to worry, thinking that he's melting too.

As his anxiety grows and grows, and he tries to find a way to stop melting, his fellow food friends try to help him cool down in a different way.

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